CARM Service Packages: Providing You Step-by-Step Support

With many of you seeking step-by-step support in the CBSA’s 2-phase modernization project to streamline the process of importing commercial goods into Canada, we’ve developed CARM service packages to help you with both phases. Here’s where things are at and what you need to do to prepare for CARM.

CBSA Introduces Three New Trade Compliance Tools

As part of its Trade Compliance Strategy and to supplement trade compliance verification efforts, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is deploying three new trade compliance tools. They target specific import transactions, as opposed to trade compliance verifications, which examine all importations over a period of time (normally one year).

CARM Release 2 Postponed to 2023

The Canada Border Services Agency has announced that CARM Release 2 is now scheduled to be launched no earlier than January 2023. A specific date will be announced at a later time. In the meantime, please ensure that you and your staff are registered on the CARM Client Portal.

CBSA Trade Verification Priorities for 2022

The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) has released a list of verification priorities for 2022. Paying close attention to these lists is vital for importers that import these targeted commodities and the potential issues regarding regulatory compliance.

Are You Ready for CARM Release 2?

Are you ready for CARM? To avoid significant delays or interruptions, now is the time to register and get your importing bond in place.

CARM Webinars by the CBSA

The CBSA hosts regular webinars and Open Mic forums on onboarding to the CARM Client Portal. Here’s how to register. Next webinar: Nov 16, 2021