Excellence built on personalized service.

At Near North Customs, our roots and expertise revolve around Customs Brokerage but that doesn’t limit us to providing services beyond that, as we also offer Trade Consulting Services. We are bound to make your experience simple, educational, and trustworthy from start to finish. With our Freight Forwarding services we are able to service you from any point in the world.Given today’s around-the-clock, 24/7 business environment, it is key that companies can count on Near North to provide the best customs brokerage services in the industry. That is our promise, one that is backed by our investment in people and technology, and sets Near North apart from our competitors.

The bottom line is that your business is our passion.

Trade Consulting
Freight Forwarding

Barrie, Ontario-based Near North has offices in Mississauga, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Edmonton and New York, USA, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure immediate release of your goods. We are where you need us.


A customs broker ensures goods are released from customs according to CBSA regulations and are delivered as quickly as possible. They allow for the proper amount of duties and taxes to be paid within the legislated time frame.


The flexibility to evolve and adapt our clients’ international shipping activities in accordance with the dynamic and evolving needs of international border security are key strengths and critical components of an effective Freight Brokerage Agent.

At Near North Customs Brokers, we strive to provide excellence built on personalized service and are committed to delivering innovative solutions for our clients’ international supply chain requirements. We also provide additional services in:


Providing clients with access to every cross-border service they require in order to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.


  • To have a workforce that is engaged, educated, and passionate.

  • To have clients who see the value in our vision.

  • To invest in our people to grow and provide the service offerings our clients need to help their business grow.

  • To adapt and grow with industry changes.

Vision Statement


In order to deliver on our vision and mission statements we are committed to providing:

  • The perfect Customs entry, every time.

  • The most qualified and educated staff who always provide our clients with the best Customs information in the industry.

  • Commitment to our quality process ISO 9001.

  • Continue to not only provide a safe and secure working environment, but to also provide a safe and secure supply chain for our clients.



Near North believes it is important to support the communities within which we do business. Supporting not only our local community’s events
and fundraisers, but also providing funding for our clients, Near North is dedicated to supporting a variety of charities and public service initiatives. The Near North social club is raising funds in support of a family during the winter months. To see what the Near North team is currently supporting check out our Facebook page.


The Near North advantage is quite simple, and helps us to separate ourselves in the shipping and freight-forwarding marketplace. We hire the best people available, provide a platform for continued education, and provide them with the best tools in the industry. The belief in our employees enables us to provide our superior and unmatched international shipping and consulting services to you.

Your Advantage
Our People


Our dedicated team of customs professionals are here to ensure the entire customs process is simple for you.
With one of the highest ratios of licensed brokers to staff we are able to provide you with accurate and timely customs entries and advice 24/7.
Near North is here for you. We provide our staff with the training and knowledge to further your experience as a customer.