Important Changes to the Declaration of Hand-Carried Goods in Canada

Aug 15, 2022 | News

Customs Notice 22-15: EDI Release Option for Hand Carried Goods in the Air, Marine and Rail Modes

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has released the following update:


1. The purpose of this notice is to inform importers and customs brokers of a change in policy regarding the electronic processing of Hand Carried Goods (HCG) shipments in the Highway, Air, Marine and Rail modes.

2. Effective immediately for shipments arriving in Air, Rail or Marine modes, a PARS-EDI, RMD-EDI or IID is to be used for the HCG release process.

3. Highway mode processing remains unchanged. However, RMD-EDI and IID service options can now be used by importers in addition to PARS-EDI.

4. While an RMD-EDI and an IID submitted post arrival will be accepted, it is strongly recommended that clients submit release requests pre-arrival in order to minimize delays at the border.

5. Paper PARS or RMD will only be accepted if the shipment qualifies as an EDI exception as specified in Customs D Memorandum 17-1-4 Release of Commercial Goods. Paper PARS and RMD will require the submission of the “EDI Exception Lead Sheet”.

6. Clients choosing to obtain release of “hand carried” shipments using Form B3-3 Canada Customs Coding Form may continue do so.

7. Updates to D17-1-4 – Release of Commercial Goods, have been made to reflect this information.

8. Inquiries related to this notice may be directed to:

Martin Burtt
Importer and Exporter Programs Unit
[email protected]

For the original notice, visit:

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