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When importing a vehicle, as cargo or freight, for commercial or personal use, you must follow the regulations and policies of Canada Customs.


International Vehicle Shipping Laws

The first step in the vehicle import process is to register the vehicle with the AES (Automated Export System) through our US office (call 1-705-999-9160, or email

AES is mandatory for all USED self-propelled vehicles. New vehicles are exempt from the AES process only if they are sold dealer-to-dealer; otherwise, they are not considered new and will have to follow the AES registration process.

Once the AES registration has taken place, an ITN number is issued. The ITN number must be sent to the USA port (72 hours in advance of the vehicle being shipped) and will act as the 72 hours’ prior notice.

Our Near North USA office provides AES registration for both personal and commercial vehicle imports. Most Non-Resident USA-registered customers will need an agent to file through AES registration. For those who do not require Near North to clear their vehicle import, Near North USA can act as an agent to file AES for them.

Helpful Links to Vehicle Shipping and Importing Requirements:

AES Filing and Vehicle Import PDF
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Import Canada, Importer Security Filing




When claiming an import under the E29B form, there are many restrictions as to what items will qualify and are eligible for full relief of GST/HST.

In some cases, a security deposit will be required depending on the officer’s discretion. For those importing temporary goods frequently, they will require to deposit standing security in the form of a bond.

Any items that are for rental, lease, or require further processing (i.e. changing its original state) will not qualify under the E29B, Temporary Admission Permit.

For more information on temporary freight or cargo imports in the form of an E29B, please see Memorandum D8-1-1 with CBSA or contact us directly at


Being able to showcase your products to prospective buyers and vendors provides the opportunity to expand into new industries and markets around the world. Tradeshows can be a seamless process if you understand the Customs requirements. Near North Customs Broker’s is here to assist with your trade show needs.

  • Most tradeshows will require the use of an E29B which will allow for more flexibility.
  • If the tradeshow consists of goods coming into Canada as consumer products to be sold, they will be required to be imported as a regular B3 Entry in which duties and taxes will be required to be paid at the time of import.

For more information regarding the requirements of cargo or freight shipping of goods for tradeshows, please contact our office at or visit Canada’s Customs website Memorandum D8-1-1.




To help you with your international shipping transactions, we are providing you with a partial list of the forms required for international shipping and for becoming a Near North customer.

For the CCI, B13A, and NAFTA forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or above.

If you use Adobe Acrobat Reader and you’re having problems viewing, printing, or downloading the files, you should modify your Reader preferences. View the instructions here.

For help completing these forms please contact us.

CCI – Canadian Customs Invoice CCI

The CCI form is required for all shipments destined for Canada with a value over $2500.00.

B232 B232

Commercial Shipments valued at over $3300.00 CAD must be listed on a properly completed CUSMA Certificate in order to be entered at the lower duty rates provided under the CUSMA agreement.

LVS Statement of Origin LVS

On July 1, 2020, the low-value shipment (LVS) threshold increased for all imports into Canada from CAD$2500 to CAD$3300, as stated in the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)’s Customs Notice 20-15.

New Client Setup Package CONTACT US

To complete a new client setup package send an email.


For a rate request simply download the request form (Excel format) and fax it back to us at 1-888-739-0023.

Foreign Shipper Declaration For Goods Returned to USA FOREIGN DECLARATION

Products of the United States when returned after having been exported, or any other product when returned within 3 years after having been exported, without having been advanced in value or improved in condition by any process or manufacture or other means while abroad must have the following declaration completed.