Near North Customs has partnered with the private industry to better secure the international supply chain with programs like PIP and C-TPAT.

PIP in Canada, and C-TPAT in the U.S., are designed to:

  • Enhance border security.
  • Combat organized crime and terrorism.
  • Increase awareness of Customs compliance issues.
  • Help detect and prevent smuggling.

These programs are voluntary and require participants to improve the security of their supply chain to meet standard security guidelines.

Canada and the United States signed an arrangement in which they agreed to align the C-TPAT and PIP programs to mutual standards. The similar security requirements will make it easier to be eligible for both programs.

If you’re applying for PIP or C-TPAT, Near North can:

  • Review your policy manuals, and assist with revisions to meet the current guidelines.
  • Review your facility, operations, and documentation in key areas and provide recommendations to address any potential problems or issues.
  • Prepare a security profile describing your company.
  • Provide guidance in submitting your application.


  • Improve your company’s security levels.
  • Enhance your reputation with Customs authorities as a secure, low-risk company.
  • Reduced inspections and quicker movement of low-risk goods through Customs.
  • Be eligible (if also CSA approved) to apply to the FAST expedited release program and use designated FAST lanes into Canada.